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I have had the privilege of creating pet portraits for some amazing pet lovers. Contact me for more information.

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This pooch is such a cutie! He looks like a lovable, snugable teddy bear and always has a smile on his face. "Jesse" was created as a Christmas gift for a sweet lady, acrylics on an 11x14" stretched canvas.

Pet Portraits: Welcome


This doggy was taken from too soon, and this sketch of Chopper was created as a gift for his owner. He was a sweet baby boy and this 5x7" colored pencil sketch on pastel paper is a wonderful memento.

Pet Portraits: Welcome


This precious pup was the loyal companion of some wonderful people. Another sweet memento created as a Christmas gift, this final sketch was done with colored pencils on a 6x6" piece of pastel paper.

Pet Portraits: Welcome
Bandit Harrison.jpg


This sweet pup is one little girl's best friend, will always have a special place in his family's hearts and now has a special place on the wall among the family memories.  "Bandit" was created with acrylics on an 8x10" stretched canvas.

Pet Portraits: Welcome


This precious Bullmastiff was the beloved pet of a wonderful couple. This 14x18" acrylic painting on stretched canvas was a very special gift of a very special pooch.

Bull Mastiff Workman.jpg
Pet Portraits: Welcome


"Shadow" is a real true hero.  This sweet puppy-dog saved a boy from a venomous snake by alerting Mom of the snake's presence and shielding her boy from the snake. Her family will always remember her bravery and how the special bond she and her boy had.

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