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I enjoyed indulging in my creativity when I was a child, whether I was drawing on every piece of paper I could find or painting on scraps of wood in my dad’s workshop.  Many around me could see my love of art, but encouraged me to “get a real job” and pursue my art on the side.  I got into the corporate world and, for a while, climbed the ladder, not finding the fulfillment I was seeking.  I opted to go back to school where my love of nature and God’s creation inspired me to complete my bachelor’s degree in biology.  I experienced the joy of working with animals, and then was called to come home and raise a few 2-legged animals of my own…and they helped guide me back on the artistic path I always hoped to follow in my life. 

While it took me a while to get to a point where I considered doing art as a profession, that creative energy has been inside just waiting to be tapped into and allowed to flow out.  I have never been one who wants to be boxed into a label, instead choosing to explore all the different sides that make up me.  It would seem the artworks are a reflection of that, pulled from the depths of my being, as I not only explore the amazing world we are blessed to live in but also exploring different ways to express that beauty through a variety of mediums, sometimes combining mediums in order to embody the perception of that moment.

I currently live in Central Florida.  I was born in the ‘burbs of Chicago where I lived in my early childhood.  Our family then relocated to Upstate New York.  Living close to the city and then later in the sticks exposed me a variety of life experiences and, I believe, encouraged me to dig deeper into all the fascinating and sometimes surprising adventures life had in store.  Art helps me share these with others from my perspective.

For more information about my art, feel free to browse through my Work Samples page, as I believe my work itself conveys more than these words could.  You can also check out my Upcoming Events to experience my work in person.  For any other inquiries, please contact me.

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